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For eaters who long to take control of their health, few products offer the perception of power quite like “superfoods.” These discussions usually start with kale but stretch far beyond, into an almost religious reverence for produce with a nutrient-rich reputation. Roughly three-fourths of consumers believe they can manage their health through nutrition, and, according to a Nielsen survey, nearly one-third believe food can replace medicine. (Bloomberg Businessweek)
Performance Understanding


The Nielsen Perishables Group provides comprehensive access and insights into category performance of the five perishable food departments: produce, deli, bakery, meat and seafood. We supply increased quality and depth of data, more frequent data updates, integrated random-weight and UPC data sets and total store performance reporting.

Our complete Web-based data analysis tool, FreshFacts® Online, provides access to scan data, store-level information, custom clustering, category reviews and category plans.

The FreshFacts® category management system is designed to integrate fact-based analysis into your category development program. With FreshFacts®, you're a mouse-click away from:

  • User-friendly reports
  • Detailed custom analysis
  • Supply-chain analysis
  • Activity-based costing analysis
  • Industry performance benchmarks


FreshFacts® is the first fully-integrated category management system for perishables. Full integration allows suppliers and retailers to analyze and plan at both the operational and strategic levels. FreshFacts® uses census data to analyze store-level characteristics such as shrink, item performance by store, store clustering, activity-based costs, labor, etc. FreshFacts® uses the analysis from the operational level to plan at both the department and category levels.

The perishables industry has adopted FreshFacts® as its standard for category management. A strong base of retailer-supplied and syndicated data ensures accurate, timely information - the kind of information needed to sustain success.


Fresh Works® - Building Successful Partnerships

FreshWorks® is a secure, centralized data forum. This Web-based collaboration tool allows information and idea exchange between retailers and their key suppliers. FreshWorks® provides secure access to FreshFacts® Online.

Key features of FreshWorks® include announcements, meeting schedules, trainings, industry news, contacts, tools and action plans. FreshWorks® is an evolutionary process designed to grow with the needs of all category management programs through:

  • Centralized access to partner program information including documents, schedules and action plans
  • Secured access through password-protected areas that are customized to each user; users can post information to be viewed by a specific group of participants or for everyone to share
  • Unparalleled access to view, store and edit information as well as monitor program progress
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