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For eaters who long to take control of their health, few products offer the perception of power quite like “superfoods.” These discussions usually start with kale but stretch far beyond, into an almost religious reverence for produce with a nutrient-rich reputation. Roughly three-fourths of consumers believe they can manage their health through nutrition, and, according to a Nielsen survey, nearly one-third believe food can replace medicine. (Bloomberg Businessweek)
Nielsen Perishables Group is the industry expert in fresh food consulting, offering a full spectrum of products and services geared toward complete fresh food market and category understanding.
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October 17-19: PMA Fresh Summit (Anaheim, CA)  Register here

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June 11: FMI Connect   
The Role of Fresh: Understanding and Leveraging Fresh for Total Store Success  View presentation
Presented by Sherry Frey 

June 12: United Fresh Convention  View presentation
Understanding Today's Produce Consumer and Reaching Them in New Ways 
Presented by Jonna Parker



Grocery’s Protein Problem: Coping with Rising Prices Across the Store

Meat sales are a weighty matter. Largely priced by the pound, changes in the meat aisle can have a ripple effect on sales and consumer behaviors across the store. With potential protein supply limitations and corresponding shelf-price increases, now more than ever, it’s critical to understand how the meat department drives sales for shoppers' entire baskets.

Read the full newsletter to understand how meat department dynamics impact consumers and interconnected products across the store.

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